Friday, November 8, 2019

o Trial w biblio essays

Irony between Band of Brothers&Prisoners w/o Trial w biblio essays Nowadays almost all constitutions and other documents regulating law in different countries speak first of all about human rights and state the rights of a person above everything. The leader and one of the first countries to state and protect human rights was the USA, of course. Its army and leaders always declared that they are protecting human rights all over the world. But isn't it really ironical that this country, while struggling for observance of human rights of ethnical minorities and other oppressed people in Europe was turning to hell life of Japanese Americans living in its territory? Let's analyze this situation that occurred during the World War II on the basis of two sources: "Prisoners without Trial" by Roger Daniels and "Band of Brothers" by Stephan Ambrose. "Band of Brothers" offers us a very informative and at the same time very touching story about American young people participating in World War II, about their daily life, how they learned to survive, to support each other and about other aspects of wartime. The author shows us life of 506 regiment of 101 airborne unit of USA army before and after the invasion into Channel Islands. The impact of the work is increased by the stories of witnesses, detailed historical facts and letters to motherland of soldiers. The film with the same name, which was made on the basis of the book is also reviewed by critics as excellent and historically correct creation. The film is rather closely following the plot of the book and reveals the story of the heroic so-called "Easy campaign". The author was not trying to glamorize war, and exaggerate the role of American soldiers in it, but he succeeded in showing people's life in difficult period and how they managed to get through it. The young men were fighting for freedom and liberation of Europe and their efforts after all were rewarded - by the victory over Hitler and liberati...

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