Saturday, November 2, 2019

Interview analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Interview analysis - Essay Example Interviewing Joe, a native resident of Florida, whose early childhood witnessed the effects of Cuban immigration, gave me an insight to the situation back then. It also interested me that what opinions, today after so many years do these locals have regarding the immigrants. Talking about Joe’s early life, he told me he was born in 1959 in Coral Gables. The house he was born in belonged to his mother’s parents which they had bought in 1953. Soon his parents moved out, buying a new house and were not living with Joe’s grandparents anymore. Out of the three houses he lived in, his oldest house, in a further west location, was declared unincorporated during the 1960s. Recalling the name change of the county from Dade to Miami-Dade which was accompanied with the voting of several people exercising their home rule powers, Joe called it ‘one big change in my life’. Joe agreed that the name change validated the acknowledgement of Miami as being internationally recognized and that ‘Miami-Dade County is the most popular County in Florida. He believes that during his lifetime, Miami has become more internationally accessible with loads of immigrants flocking in and people of different races seeking residence in here. I continued the conversation, delving further into the topic of immigrants which he brought into discussion. I asked him that living in Miami-Dade County since his childhood; his interactions with immigrants, specifically Cubans may have been numerous. To this, he started narrating me what had happened on the arrival of two Cuban immigrants when he was in primary school. The whole school threw them a party, welcoming them, since they were the very first Cubans to come to his class and school, Joe told as he indulged in a recollection of memories from his childhood with a smile on his face. I was curious to ask him whether they were very good friends with him or not. On my inquiry Joe let out a little laugh and told me that yes

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