Monday, November 25, 2019

Brave New World Parallels to Reality Essays

Brave New World Parallels to Reality Essays Brave New World Parallels to Reality Essay Brave New World Parallels to Reality Essay Essay Topic: Brave New World Assignment Consider an aspect of our society that parallels with a theme of the text (eg. Formal education, marriage, parenting, uses of technology). Take the aspect and redesign it as apart of your own ‘brave new world’. Explain how you would change this part of society to make it the way you believe it should be. Response In Huxley’s Brave New World’ you are born into a class/caste (Alpha, Bata, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon) without a say in the matter. The class you are put in decides how the rest of your life is going to be led and how you are conditioned to live it. Weather you are an Alpha or an Epsilon, before you are even born you are placed into a class in society that dictates the rest of your life. In reality we have a similar concept. We are born into classes without a say, whether it is wealthy, middle classed or poor. This too also has some say in how you are going to lead your life. If you’re rich you’re going to have many more opportunities to set your life up as to you being poor. The classes of society today are also conditioned in some way. If you are poor you don’t have the same opportunities as other members of society so when an opportunity of some sort does come along that normally wouldn’t, you appreciate it and work hard. As to someone who is born rich, they’ve been conditioned to expect the best of everything and not work hard for the things in their life and can often be seen as ‘spoiled’. In another Brave New World it would be ideal if everyone was born equal but this simply cannot be the case, as problems would arise. Instead, it would be ideal if every working person started on an equal minimum wage, no matter the career/occupation field. The government with the rising price markets would increase this minimum wage, which is what it fails to do so now. This minimum wage would be more then enough to keep you on your feet and more then capable of looking after yourself and your family in a

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